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Stuff Sagen listens to.  


The All-American Rejects are very cool.  

Sum 41. My favorite band. Seriously [/monkey]. Read the letters sent in to them.   

Blink 182. They sing that one song that's always stuck in my head. They sing Adam's Song, too. It makes me cry. I'm a freaking wuss.  

Michelle Branch is very, very talented, and very, very not pre-packaged.

Vanessa Carlton is actually a different person than Michelle Branch. I didn't realize that for a long time. Vanessa plays piano, and Michelle plays guitar. Also, Michelle's way prettier. Vanessa looks a bit like a horse.

OK Go. Not only a great band (Or at least in my opinion), but a very funny site. Go there.  

The Donnas are also cool. Did you know that they're going on tour with OK Go? Did you know that they're not coming to Atlanta? Did you know that no one's willing to take me to Nashville to see them?  

Linkin Park can be fun, but you have to be in the mood.

Ben Kweller. Hee. When you put "Ben" and "Kweller" together, you get "benkweller" which looks like "Benk Weller" and that's really not funny at all, but I think it is because I'm a dork.  

Bree Sharp. *giggles*

Foo Fighters. I can't believe I didn't remember them before I got down here.

Phantom Planet is just so incredibly cool. I'm running out of interesting stuff for all these bands.

Good Charlotte. Two words. Daddy. Issues.

Simple Plan.I love them. I'm out of superlatives.

Dashboard Confessional is actually one really hairy depressed dude with tattoos that looks like a chipmunk. Still like him, though.

Jimmy Eat World. Just because I'm out of superlatives doesn't mean I can't still use them. So I'll make them up. They're supertasticful! And wondereous!